Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dressing up

My church has a "safe place" alternative to Halloween each year, to help kids have somewhere to go that ISN'T in the rather unsafe neighborhood. So every year we head over to the church, where we help out with game-booths & watch hundreds of kids come through the church. It's a great outreach, and between this & several of our other outreach programs our church has quickly become known within the neighborhood as a safe, friendly place that ANYONE can feel welcome.

The kids love that they get to dress up each year, and will fret for months about what the perfect costume should be. They're not interested in the $20 Target-brand costumes, they like to recreate movie characters (never the ones with premade outfits) or create their own ideas completely. This year they decided to go as "Uncle Red" from the Red Green Show, and Super Mega-Kitten... my daughter's superhero "alter-ego."

DH & I will be dressed as a pair of hippies. The funny part is that it took me FOREVER to choose an outfit that didn't look like something I just pulled out of my closet! It'll be a fun evening.

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