Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mmmmm... PIZZA!!!

Eating out as a vegetarian is not always easy. Eating out as a gluten-free vegetarian however, can be nearly impossible. And with my son being incredibly sensitive to even the slightest cross-contamination, we simply don't eat out often.

We tell ourselves it's more affordable this way, and it's healthier, and it IS... but the truth is there just aren't many places we CAN eat out without getting sick. Taco Bell stopped carrying my son's favorite bowl, and we get sick at dozens of fast-food places that CLAIM they're gluten-free... and we just don't have enough appetite to tackle something as filling as Chipotle very often.

For the most part, we remain content eating at home. We've recently discovered that we can actually order salads at our nearest Subway shop without getting sick, and that's been a wonderful break on lazy weekend afternoons. But the one thing we've craved since first going gluten-free... and are still questing for, is good pizza.

Earlier this spring we came across an internet rumour that Godfather's Pizza was going to be make gluten-free pizzas. We took this with a grain of salt, figuring that cross-contamination would make this impossible for us. Still, being our favorite pre-gf pizza place, we watched for official news. And BOY were we surprised! They are shipping their gf pizzas from a dedicated site to the stores, frozen & shrink-wrapped. The pizzas are baked on parchment paper to avoid contamination in the ovens, and clean cutters are used to slice the pizzas. And ALL of the stores are being carefully trained in how to best prevent contamination!

This afternoon we drove 40 miles (one way) for lunch. For $10 I had a cheese pizza that ended up being lunch AND dinner today. It was on a crispy-thin crust... but it tasted like REAL pizza! It wasn't heavy tasteless rock-crust, and it didn't taste like cornbread. This was honest-to-goodness pizza! And at 840 calories for the entire pizza, I didn't even have to crash my diet! :)

Yep, we're definitely going back... AFTER my tummy forgives me for all that cheese. ;)

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