Tuesday, August 18, 2009

13 years ago today...

...a little bundle of energy changed my life forever as he turned me into a mother six short weeks after my own 20th birthday. Today, I am not only a mother to a child... but also to a TEENAGER!!! He is 4" taller than me, has a deeper voice than his father, (except for when he laughs - much to his mortification & everyone else's amusement his voice still cracks when he laughs) and steals my black socks because they're softer than his own... and returns them all stretched them out because his feet are bigger than mine!

imageHe woke up this morning to find that the thumbnail he'd smashed in a car door several months ago is going to fall off after all. He is exceedingly proud of his gigantic bandaged thumb, and has announced that he's keeping the nail once it falls off so he can "autopsy it" under the microscope. I was ordered to take a pic of the "afflicted appendage" as well. But I think he is most proud of a new shirt from his auntie... and has decided to voice his own opinion about the coming election. His thoughts? Vote for someone whose issues are crystal-clear, and hope the Jedi can do a better job than Congress of keeping everything running smoothly!

Happy Birthday "little man!" May we have many, many more years of amusing fun watching you grow!

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