Tuesday, August 18, 2009

introducing Spirit, our new family member

After several months of saving money & learning about different types of dogs, we finally found our own little friend to bring home and yesterday "Ivory" the American Eskimo came home with us.

To accompany her new home, we decided to give her a new name and after watching her silently follow us around like a little ghost, we have decided to call her "Spirit" in honor of her incredible nature and quiet habits. So far she knows that she is "Good Girl" and doesn't seem to mind what we call her, so long as she is still "Good."

She is really REALLY shy, and was spayed all of 4 days ago so she's super quiet unless something spooks her. She likes me & the kids alright, (though she's a little reserved around the kids right now) but she's absolutely claimed Daddy. She also seems to have been hit or hurt by a female at some point and is VERY hand-shy, especially with us girls. At this point I'm okay, but only because I have leftover turkey in the fridge. Trust will take a bit longer I'm afraid.We are having some minor issues with snapping as she tries to inform the kids that she's ahead of them in the "pack," but she's responding very well to a sharp "NO!" and is learning VERY quickly that the kids must be accepted as well.

When she first got home she investigated the living areas thoroughly, but then claimed Daddy's lap as the safest place to be. Daddy works on Saturdays, and when he left she waited at the window to see if he'd come back for a few minutes before setting herself up so she could watch all three of us in his absence.

After a potty-break & a nice nibble of some leftover turkey however, I was followed everywhere & anytime I sat down she was either in my lap or across my feet.

She is apparently a "morning person" and woke up today ready for playtime & happy to see all of us, and she has already decided that when a human lap isn't readily available our loveseat makes a nicer resting-place than her little bed. If someone is occupying the loveseat however, she seems to have decided that the bed will do just fine as well.

All in all, it looks like our little friend is settling in just fine.

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