Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wonderful Windfalls

I have had a shortage of shirts for some time now, and with my last "too big" purge my drawer has REALLY been empty. With both kids still outgrowing clothes at a steady pace, I was really starting to worry about how we'd finance a drawer full of new shirts.

Earlier this week my mother called me up. She'd gotten several nice dress-tops and wanted to know if I'd like any of them. Two of them fit me now, and the third should fit by midwinter... and they're beautiful!

Then this weekend, we volunteered at my church's annual "freemarket." After we closed the doors for the day, I looked at the MOUNTAIN of womens' shirts still sitting there and decided to "go shopping." I brought home 7 tops, 2 sweaters, and a vest! I also have another top & sweater that should fit by next spring already washed & sitting in my "skinny clothes" bin that are really too cute for words.

I LOVE this! No more worrying about what to wear if the ONLY top that goes with a skirt is in the laundry hamper; I've got shirts again! Even better... they're all size MEDIUM! I haven't been a medium since before my second pregnancy! This was definitely a good day.

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