Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Garden Update

After nearly a month of constant rain, our garden is finally looking GOOD! I have yet to finish painting the kids' table & chairs because it is still just saturated from the ongoing rain.

Up on the deck now, in the short-bed the left side holds peppers, cilantro & "early" lettuce, planted 3 weeks ago while the right-side holds my radishes, basil & peppers. I'm contemplating what to replace the single dead pepper with since it just didn't make it through the last storm. (sniff) The poor thing!

In my tall bed; back to front we planted both beds with leeks, lettuce & carrots last week. And also within the tall bed are my tomatoes & chives... I can ALREADY count about two dozen green tomatoes!!!

My strawberries seem to be a complete failure. I ordered 25 bare-root plants, and they came in 3 weeks ago... to date I see NOTHING from even one of the plants. (sigh) I will be calling for a refund tomorrow, but it's late enough in the season I think I'll have to give up on berries for this year.
All in all, I am QUITE pleased... and the kids are as excited this year as they were last year about helping, which means I don't have to bend over to tend to seedlings all by myself.

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