Tuesday, August 18, 2009

this year’s container garden

We sat down & finalized our plans for our little garden today. We're changing & expanding our plans from last year to include roughly 4 times as many fruits & veggies AND a "secret garden" area for the kids to play in... and to grow vining beans & acorn squash in. No planting yet, the ground is STILL too cold for that but we have a theoretical plan.

The deck is 12' wide by 6.5' deep, and the secret area is roughly 10' wide by 7.5' deep. I have seedlings all over the dining room that I drag in & out each morning/evening, and one of my tomato plants is over 3' tall already, and is getting HEAVY.

Other than actually seeing this all come together over the next few months, I think I am most excited to see how the purple beans turn out for the kids... and to see how the strawberries produce. We are getting two grow-bags with 10 pouches each & they will grow above the lettuce & carrots in the "tall" bed. Nobody I know has used the bags for anything but tomatoes, but everyone seems to think that they OUGHT to work well! We will begin constructing the cages to surround the large planting beds & support the strawberry bags this week, so hopefully I'll have some progress photos by the end of the week.

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