Tuesday, August 18, 2009

...and for dessert I had 23 cookies!

Sometimes you just have to have fun with the rules. My husband & I were on our way home early from a meeting this evening, and decided to surprise the kids with cookies before bed. We stopped off at our local health food store, and as I was browsing the gluten-free snacks I stumbled across a VERY unique serving-size suggestion.
Yes, that's right TWENTY-THREE COOKIES! Naturally, I had to try them. Any cookie that allows me 23 per serving is at least worth trying once - if for nothing else, for the pure naughty pleasure!

So we got home, informed our son we'd be eating 23 cookies each before bed, and ripped the bag open to see the little darlings. And LITTLE they were indeed!
Here's one of the little cuties sitting next to a quarter - feeling small and intimidated.

I measured out my 23, and found that it is actually a nice large-ish handful. How wonderful! As I poured the milk, we joked about how we would dunk them. Skewered on toothpicks was possibly the best suggestion, but I didn't have the heart to stab my food before eating it so I declined. Instead I thought I would let the tiny sweets express my feelings.

And how were they? Deee-licious! Just a bit on the dry side, (most GF cookies ARE though) but wonderful! Chocolatey with just a hint of rich caramel. I think I have a new favorite "naughty bedtime snack!"

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