Sunday, August 23, 2009

It Feels like Fall!

I am sitting here wrapped in a blanket, wearing my fluffy socks & considering running out to pick up some cider for the crockpot. Is it really only August? Because I keep looking out the window, expecting to see leaves on the ground.

The cooler weather is keeping our allergies at bay. My garden however, is not faring so well. The herbs don't seem to mind this crazy weather... every single herb is ready to divide. The tomatoes - out of four plants, only two have fruit. With 9 pepper plants, I've only got ONE with peppers on it - and the cukes never even made it to vining. The pumpkins don't know whether they're supposed to grow or wilt, and my carrots have lovely green tops... but I pulled one up last week, and it was a skinny 2" long baby.

(sigh) There's always next year. I DID pull out every single weed from my front garden, and transplanted a couple dozen lily plants from my mother's yard. At least the flower bed is looking nice now! Next year we'll be underplanting the whole bed with lily of the valley & sweet woodruff... and see which one wins the "battle of the beds" as the most voracious plant for shady clay soil. That will be fun.

The cooler weather always brings out my creative side. Yesterday I sat down with my mending pile, and mended shirts & goodies for everyone, and today I'm working on finishing two new dresses for the princess. Next I think I'll make our Christmas stockings & tree skirt, before deciding on Christmas gifts for the family. I already have a few ideas, but they'll take some time to complete. I guess it's good that I'm starting early, this is going to be a FUN year for gifts!


Gwen said...

Yay! I can comment! :D

It has felt like fall here too, but rather than think of all the things I could be doing that are fall related, I've just been lazy and enjoyed the cooler weather, then done nothing else! (wow, what a run on sentence! LOL)

Sorry about your garden. I have the most beautiful zucchini plant. It's been beautiful for three months and I've gotten a total of two zukes off it. *rolleyes*

Lawanda said...

YA me too! (comment!)

I woke up freezing today! Not liking this. Not liking this at all. :-p