Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Since we school year round, I suppose a "First Day" seems silly

Nonetheless, my lil girl started 1st grade today so this was our first *official* day of school according to the school district. She spent last night sharpening every pencil she could find and organizing her desk... twice. Then she laid out an outfit for tomorrow complete with hairbows, but without shoes or socks. (truly a girl after my own heart!) She woke me up at 6:45 this morning asking if it was time to start school yet, and when I grumped something about the middle of the night not being a good time for ANYTHING, she sprawled beside me whispering in my ear until I gave up & got out of bed to fix an early breakfast.

The lil man is much more relaxed about school. He popped a new mechanical pencil into the pencil well of his desk, and pronounced himself "ready." This morning he slid into the same orange tee shirt with the picture of a video game controller & denim shorts he's worn for the past 5 days, and asked when he would have a chance to play the X-box today.

The two reactions are so contrary that it's almost laughable. When we pulled out our music to start the day, Prince Charming groaned & galumphed over to us while Her Majesty danced in place, positively vibrating with glee. It's our lunch break now and I've got one kiddo wolfing down his lunch so he can have 5 extra minutes of free time, while the other is chattering nonstop to her precious doll about everything she's learned so far, everything she's going to learn this afternoon, and everything she hopes to learn by the time she graduates from Harvard next week.

Do you suppose there's any way to give my lil man an enthusiasm transfusion from his sister? And HOW will I keep her excitement level where it is right now? We've taken about 120 pictures with the digital camera (Thank you LORD for modern technology!) just this morning, documenting her 1st day. I offered to do the same for the lil man, but he says that pictures of people doing schoolwork are evil. Perhaps I'll catch him playing the X-box later tonight instead.

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