Monday, January 9, 2017

Immersed in the Psalms: My Cup Overflows

I wanted to share what happened over the weekend. Because it may sound cliché in a blog about the Psalms, but... my cup is truly overflowing.

I have degenerative conditions and permanent eye damage, causing severe issues with lower resolution screens. Because of this, we saved up and purchased a high-resolution Kindle Fire for me to use. This has been my connection to my friends and family through: email, Facebook, blogs, and discussion boards. The family calendar is connected, as is our cookbook. I read books, shop, surf ideas on Pinterest, and stream music with it. While not technically indispensable, it is used for several hours every day. Even with my studies in Psalms, I am using it to access: an e-book, an app with various translations of the Bible, music, and a Pinterest board full of needlepoint inspiration. On the day she arrived, I named her Shirley Goodness because she "follows me all the days of my life."

About a month ago, Shirley began having issues. First it took longer for her to charge, and then her battery started draining more quickly. Within a few weeks she was draining her battery in 4-5 hours, and taking as long as 15 hours to recharge overnight. I began using her while plugged in, but when she began draining her batteries within six hours WHILE PLUGGED IN... my husband put a call into Amazon, to see if we could pay to have her battery replaced.

Amazon does not offer battery replacements for their devices. Nor, we learned to our horror, do they make the high resolution Fire anymore. My husband tried several times over four days to see if anything could be done, and it looked as if I was going to have to adapt to life without the internet for a year or so when I received a call on Saturday.

Malorie from Amazon wanted to see how she could help me. After a quick description of Shirley's symptoms and what tests we had tried, she offered to send me a brand new tablet. When I explained my resolution needs, she put me on hold briefly. After a few more questions, she came back with the unbelievable: she had located a refurbished high-res Fire, and could ship it to me as early as Monday, if that was okay with me.

Okay? OKAY?!? I was literally speechless with gratitude!!! After several days of being told that there was nothing that could be done I had given up hope and resigned myself to carefully eking out the last dregs of battery, and praying that we would be able to replace Shirley with a laptop as soon as a year from now. Now within a ten minute call, here was the answer to the prayer I hadn't even dreamed to pray. My Shirley Goodness has been REPLACED and is GOOD AS NEW!!!

My gratitude bubbled out all at once, as my hands literally shook. I told Malorie, quite honestly, that there was no way to truly express my gratitude to her for her kindness in truly going above and beyond the call of duty. If you see this Malorie, once again, THANK YOU!!! 

Truly and honestly, my cup overflows. And now, once again and for the foreseeable future, Shirley Goodness and Mercy shall be following me... all the (foreseeable) days of my life!

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