Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Saint Patrick's Day Decorations

I think I have more fun trying to find small, meaningful decorations for St. Patrick's Day than any other holiday during the year. Nearly everything available commercially is covered in rainbows, leprechauns or beer... which just isn't what I think of or choose to celebrate.

To me, St. Patrick's Day is the celebration of one of Europe's first Missionaries. And, of course, it's about ancient Ireland. So in our house, I choose items that make me think of these things.

I have been stalling on posting this year's decorations because I have been TRYING to crochet a slender shamrock garland for my fireplace. Unfortunately I seem to be incompatible with treble crochet stitches, so my fireplace remains empty but for a single stuffed lamb on the hearth.

As for the rest of the house, my front door is decorated with the same tin as last year. Within the giant grapevine wreath, I actually found a foamboard shamrock at the dollar-store of all places that mimics the rest of my decorations.

On top of the sewing table, is my glittered Celtic cross, and a few tiny jars full of moss & model sheep. Ireland is full of sheep, and they seem a fitting tribute to someone who was kidnapped & forced to work as a shepherd for years. This rests atop an aran-knit scarf, which is another thing *I* think of when pondering Ireland.

My hutch and kitchen niche are rather similar to last year. I've rearranged things, and pulled out ALL of my James Kent china accessories, but it's pretty much the same.

The only NEW things here are my handmade chalkboard, and the spools of thread in my large apothecary jar.

Once again, I chose to reuse a wired garland and my hanging candles for the chandelier. At some point I'm sure I'll come up with a new way to decorate it, but for now I'm quite content to just keep the candles up there. The tiny points of warm light just make me smile every time I walk by.

These are my decorations for the next week or so. After that we'll be pushing into the first day of Spring and Easter, but for now I'm enjoying the lighter decorations of a holiday often swept away between the frenzy of Valentine's Day and Easter.

This coming Sunday we will celebrate quietly, with Celtic music and traditional Irish foods... NOT corned beef and cabbage, but colcannon, oat scones, Irish breakfast tea... and other simple cottage fare. It's what we've come to love about this tiny holiday; the simpler pleasures. 

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