Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have been battling back-to-back bouts of stomach & regular flu here, and have not been up to much of anything lately. Hence my lack of Monday posts, and hence the reason I am only now posting photos of our Valentine's Day decorations.

I had several plans for tiny new decorations, but when taking my husband to the doctor forces me to take a three-hour nap, plans change. So this year our decorations are pretty much the same as last year... just arranged differently. I do like how everything turned out though!

Our front door, feather tree and kitchen-niche are nearly identical to last year. You can see those decorations HERE.

For the fireplace, my paper hearts from last year didn't survive, so I cut out felted wool hearts and clipped them to the mini clothespins I used for our Winter display. And rather than place ALL our stuffed hearts on the hearth, I chose just one to place near our little deer.

On my little sewing table I chose to stick with a sewing theme. The tiny glittered Valentines were saved from my feather tree last year, and I've had the buttons & antique thread spools for decades.
For our chandelier, my husband really liked the hanging globes I used for New Years, and used a few of my decorations from previous years to round things out. You can also see the little mailboxes on my hutch... the hutch is similar to last year as well, but I DID make just a few changes.

Last year I placed a miniature Care Bear from my childhood on our hutch, and my daughter thought it was the cutest decoration. So I hunted the thrift stores, and managed to find two more for this year. And I stacked our stuffed pillows on the shelf without a basket, so they would stand out better.

I really like the way the way the pillows look this year!

On our table, I kept things VERY low-profile this year. Just a single printable Valentine I found HERE and a few of my glass hearts on a dollar-store tray that's held up for years.

And on our "Anniversary table" the only change from last year was a photoshopped quote used as a backdrop to a few of my favorite decorations from last year.

I am SO glad that my little wire flowers survived from last year!

For the first time in 18 years, I don't have a special dinner planned for tonight. Nobody feels like eating, so we'll have heart-shaped eggs with rice for lunch, and bean soup for dinner. This year Valentine's Day isn't about spending time with our loved ones... it's about taking turns SHOWING our love by taking turns refilling the vaporizer. 

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