Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Decorations

I have some WONDERFUL crafts & decorations to share today! February is a special month for us. This month is my mother's birthday, my daughter's birthday, Valentine's Day... AND our anniversary! I am absolutely not a fan of pink though - which means a lot of commercial decorations just won't do. Most of our new ideas came directly from my Valentines Day / Date-Night board on PINTEREST... where you can see links to all of the original posts.

For this month I chose to stick with a single theme for all my new decorations... and I LOVE how it turned out! For our front door, we reused the pretty stuffed-hearts from last year.The kids and I took vintage valentines and printed them onto iron-on patches. These were used both to create this adorable door-hanging AND to fill a pail sitting on our fireplace hearth!

For the rest of the fireplace, we made a heart chain from OOOOOLD book pages. These were carefully Mod Podged so we can reuse them year after year, and I love how this turned out as a simple and unique spin on traditional Valentine's Day "fluff."
The tiny accent table in our living room has a special theme... it's our anniversary-table. The little angel was a gift to us from our pastor on our 10th wedding anniversary, and the maple-leaf vase & tiny glass mousie are in honor of my husband & my nicknames for each other. To tie everything together, I added vintage buttons to the vase, and my little bowl of vintage thread. Then on a whim I took a coat-hanger and bent it into the word LOVE and wrapped that in red yarn. The adorable paper-and-button flowers were my favorite addition however. I just LOVE how these turned out, and all I needed was more of the vintage book, and some coated-wire! In the close-up photo, you can see one of my favorite buttons. The glass button in the front was from a sweater my great-grandmom knit for me when I was a little girl. I've always had a fascination with the pretty "seashell" pattern on these buttons, and was so excited to find a pretty craft to show them off!

In the dining area, I used more of the old book and some wool felt to create a simple centerpiece and drops from the chandelier.Seriously, I am loving how quickly (and inexpensively) all of our new decorations turned out this year!

The rest of our decorations are pretty much the same as last year. In my cabinet-niche we have the little stuffed bears that have sat there every year since my daughter was born. This year they're sitting on a vintage gingham square that doubles as a card-tablecloth.

On top of the china cupboard I have my feather-tree with the pretty glittered vintage Valentines. This year we added a few of the Valentines to our apothecary jar, and I REALLY like how that turned out!

And of course there's the hutch display. The one big change we made here this year, was to put our little mailboxes onto "posts." These were candlestands from the thrift store! The two red ones were painted because they were traditional oak stands & not quite what I had in mind, but the other two were perfect as-is.
How has everyone else decorated for February?!?


Gwen said...

I love the old book pages garland! How long did that take you to do?

And I love those flowers! So cute!

I should have done better for Feb. 1, but I'm slacking.

homeschoolmama said...

Thanks Gwen!

The garland took me a couple hours, but half of that was drying time since I had to mod-podge both sides of the paper. After that, it was a matter of sitting with my paper-trimmer & Netflix while I lined up the graduated strips, and stapling everything together.

One thing I SHOULD mention though... you want to be sure to have a mini hole-punch on hand. Originally I tried just stringing the hearts onto the bakers twine... and gravity pulled them into VERY un-heartlike blobs! Punching & stitching right through the center of everything helps them stay heart-shaped SO much better!