Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Christmas Decorations: Sweet Surprises

I just have to share... because this TOTALLY made my day! My UPS man showed up this afternoon, but we hadn't ordered anything recently. When we opened it up, I found a lovely snowman ornament from one of my dear sweet friends. It ABSOLUTELY made my day, and I immediately popped him onto my antique sewing machine next to another snowman-friend so they could keep each other company.

What a wonderful unexpected surprise - and what a sweet couple these two make together, sitting where I can see them from the entire living area.

A few of my other smaller decorations are now tucked about the place as well. In my kitchen niche, I've tucked my reproduction snowman bubble light, and my husbands' Bing Crosby album. 

Across the top of my crafting shelves, I've arranged a vintage shawl under a variety of pretty white candleholders. 
It's a simple display, but it offsets my red and white feather tree so nicely.

My men have spoiled me this year, by surprising me with a trio of sweet mouse ornaments.  How fitting for Miss Mouse, wouldn't you say?

I have felt SO spoiled this  past week with all these amazing surprises!


Bobbi-Lynn said...

I am so glad I could help make your day brighter. Everything looks so lovely! And OMG the Bing Crosby album. I grew up with that very same one, it wasn't Christmas at my house without my mom playing it over and over. And now it's not Christmas at my house without Bing. Just ask Cassaundra - she had to buy a CD with Bing Crosby for her new place, to make it feel like Christmas ;-)

Mama Housemouse said...

You absolutely brightened my day! Thank you SO much!

We have the Bing CD as well! Since we don't actually have a turntable, we use the CD to listen to the music, and the album is strictly for decoration. This is one of my favorite albums too!!!