Friday, June 13, 2014

A new wreath!

I have been without a summertime front door wreath for awhile now, and foundering for ideas. Then the other day, I saw THIS WREATH on Pinterest & knew what my new wreath would look like!

To make this, I crocheted yarn onto of all things - a POOL NOODLE that was duct-taped into a circle! It took about an hour, and then all I did was tie large gingham bows onto one corner & poked a few daisies into the noodle.

I love how simple this one is, but I also love how easy it was to make! And because I had everything but the flowers on hand, it cost less than $2 to make!

The rest of our summertime decorations haven't changed much for the past few years, but I do have a few places that look quite different this year. On the shelves near our entry, our "beach corner" is starting to spread out a bit, and on the shoe-shelf  I FINALLY have the Willow Tree display of "our family" all together!

I fell in love with the Willow Tree figurines the year they came out, but haven't really been in a position to pick many of them up. When individual people started coming out, I began daydreaming of having a small group of figurines that signified our family. Now as we enter the house, we're greeted by this simple but happy display!

Summertime is a time for dandelion bouquets on the table, and veggies growing on the deck. NOT a time for enormously elaborate displays all about the house. It's also a time to begin working on some serious crafting... which I'll be sharing REALLY soon!

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Kristi said...

I can't remember the name of the couple one you have, but it is one of my favorites! I've given it as a wedding gift more than once. Cute display!