Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!!!

Oh boy, have our lives gotten busy over the past month! I JUST managed to take a few photos of our Easter decorations this afternoon!

In our house, we try to keep Easter low-key. Not because it isn't important - but because I prefer to have room for fresh dandelions & mason jars of crabapple or forsythia branches rather than heaps of random items. So the house takes on a very "fresh" look as it's scoured of nearly every glittery goodie from the winter months and bowls of pretty rocks & feathers take their place.

But on to our decorations! We leave the front door the same, for St. Patrick's Day AND Easter. Likewise, the hurricane vases of split peas & tealights are still displayed - they've just moved to a different table in the living room.

On the little accent table in our living room, we have a cutting from our crabapple tree with feather birds wired onto the branches and a tiny grapevine nest of teeny tiny eggs. Small pebbles & pretty bits of bark keep coming & going from this table as we find them, but at the moment we've swept it clear for Easter morning.

In the kitchen niche, I have my glittered chicks that were inspired by vintage greeting cards and a bouquet of silk flowers. (I did say NEARLY every glittery goodie!)

Our dining room is where most of our Easter decorations tend to find themselves. The chandelier is draped with a pretty floral garland, and the hutch is filled with all of the little critters we've made or picked up over the years... as well as the tiny plastic canvas houses my grandmother made years ago.

On my china cupboard sits the little blackboard that I FINALLY finished, and a teeny tiny Easter garden that I grew to share with my Children's Church class. The kids really seemed to enjoy peeking in, and double-checking that yes, the "tomb" was indeed empty.

And on the sewing table, are a few more reminders of what Easter is REALLY all about! (The lamb is in honor of Jesus; The Lamb of God... my daughter's idea!)

All I did to finish preparing our home for Easter, was add a few mason jars of fresh flowers on my favorite vintage tablecloth. We'll have a full house tomorrow with friends & family as we celebrate the most important day of the year.

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