Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Immersed in the Psalms: headspace

Most of the past week has been spent in the 18th Psalm... a long passage that shows the many ways God saves David from his many enemies. It's a difficult passage to connect to, when your worst enemy is your own body. I don't really want to be rescued by an avenging God, and I don't need the strength to utterly crush my enemies. So I found myself picking at the passage, pulling praises from amongst the foe-vanquishing, and not really "feeling" most of what I studied.

At the same time, I have been fighting downright evil migraines all week; eventually visiting the doctor for a diabolical head-scrambling shot, and a short list of bad options for dealing with my migraines in the future. This might have had some effect on my ability to connect and concentrate.

What do YOU do when you can't get info a proper headspace? How do you connect, when everything around you feels disconnected?

For me, I've spent more time in prayer and listening to songs, and less time reading and looking at screens. It doesn't help much, but it does allow me a different perspective.

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