Monday, October 5, 2015

Playing Hooky

In the fall, when it starts to smell like dried leaves outside, I get an itch to go somewhere pretty... and just breathe. 

It started smelling like fall a few days ago, and between health complications and my husband's looong work hours we chose to steal time today rather than wait for "the perfect day" to arrive - and played hooky. No appointments were made, no cleaning was done, and our to-do list was set aside for another day. Today was just for us.

We hopped in the car just after breakfast, and followed the river north to a small town that my husband and I have been visiting since our dating years. Every fall he takes me here for a single brewed-that-day, mug of the frostiest tastiest freshest root beer ever. Still served in a heavy glass mug, by a carhop with a window-hanging tray. I've been daydreaming about my mug of root beer for a few weeks now. It's truly that amazing.

After our root beer, we explored the nearby state park, checking out the view from the bluffs and the glacial potholes. If you don't know what a pothole is... look them up. They're rare, and amazing.

It was a bit of a struggle to get down and around on the cobblestone paths, but we pushed on - and my husband & the kids left the path a few times for some more rigorous explorations. With all the rain we've had lately, most of the potholes were filled with rainwater, so there wasn't quite as much exploring to be done as in other years, but it was nice just to be away from the sounds of the city for awhile.

The trees were just starting to change color along the river. There was more green than color, but we pointed out each changing tree we saw.

We also saw: deer, eagles, turkeys, farm animals... and one very brave little chipmunk whom I'm certain I heard beg me to take his picture.

We've had a tough year, and we still have several challenges to face this year. But just for today, we followed our heart and ran away to sit by the river and be together.

It was worth it.


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Appleshoe said...

A beautiful day. I laughed and snorted at the chipmunk. You and your chipmunks ;) I'm glad you had today. There will be tough spots ahead, but there will also be joy filled days too. Shine on.