Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumn Decorations

Oh wow, has this been a busy few months! Here I am nearly into November, and I haven't shared our Autumn decorations yet!

Fall is my favorite season, and I LOVE decorating for it! If I were to overrun my "one bin per season" rule, it would be for right now. There's something so wonderful about the not-too-hot, not-too-cold weather, with the bright colors, bonfires, crispy crunchy walking paths, and clear skies. And our house takes on a wonderful, warm look for the season too!

Our front door, fireplace, kitchen cabinet-niche, chandelier & the space above our bookshelves have all stayed the same from year to year. We DID have some fun rearranging things and picking up just a few new decorations however.

On the accent table, we used my pretty carved wooden basket, along with the pheasant feathers and our favorite little scarecrow.

The sewing table has moved right next to our front door, making it a perfect place to display a few of our favorite things. On the top, we created a back-to-school display showcasing our McGuffy reader and a few other favorite goodies that make us think of school.

Above the sewing table is the biggest grapevine wreath I've ever made, with the Victorian cone I made from last year tucked inside. 

On the hutch, most of our decorations have stayed the same, we've just rearranged things. One piece I did pick up was an amber glass pumpkin cookie jar. For as long as I can remember, my mom has had a clear one just like this, and I have always wished it was orange. When I saw this sitting at the thrift store for less than $2 I HAD to pick it up and bring it home.

And the one decoration that changes every year is our "spooky author" display. Each year we choose an author to learn about, and then create a display that showcases something about them or their books. This year we chose Lemony Snickett, and decided to choose items from each of the books for our display.
If you've read the books, you should be able to recognize everything here as a key element to one of the 13 books from the Series of Unfortunate Events. I think my favorite element however, is the photo of the VFD eye-tattoo. We took a permanent marker and gave my son a "tattoo," then printed a photo of it with the colors washed out. I love how it turned out, and my daughter thinks it's hysterical that her big brother's ankle was a stand-in for Count Olaf in our display.

Happy Autumn everyone! What have you done to decorate your space?!?


Bobbi-Lynn said...

Wow Marcy, that's so cool! Love the idea of the author study!

Gwen said...

I love the author study too!

I blogged about our outdoor decorations this morning before the hurricane blows them away. LOL I need to take a photo of the inside hutch.

I love your little scarecrow driving the tractor.