Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One Day at a Time

Two years ago today, I was sitting in the emergency-room for the second time in two days with a shingles infection that had gotten into my eye. After four MONTHS of multiple (LITERALLY hourly) eyedrops to keep my eye dilated, fight the infection AND fight temporary glaucoma this finally cleared up. Sort-of. To this day, I am completely nightblind. I also have a permanent "hole" in my vision that has ruined my depth-perception.

One year ago today, I realized that because of my restricted exercise regime during all of this, I had gained back all 30 of the pounds I had lost. I felt horrible, looked even worse, and... did absolutely nothing about it. And over the past year those extra 30 pounds gained four more friends to bring me to a new highest-weight-ever. While I cannot change my vision, I CAN change my weight.

This weekend I jumped on my scale, to find that 8 of those pounds have disappeared. I don't know why, and I DON'T really care. They're gone, and I'm ready to fight to keep them from coming back. So yesterday was the start of a new phase of "me." Yesterday I started exercising with my daughter... again. And since visual-aids really help me to stay on task, I'm using a visual reminder to help keep me on task.

I saw THIS POST on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with the idea of filling a jar with marbles as visual inspiration. And while I do plan on copying the original blogger's idea of using one pebble for every pound lost - I wanted a short-term goal to begin with. So my version looks like this:My absolutely adorable mushroom jar will hold one marble for every day I exercise between now & my anniversary. (the tray holds just enough marbles so it should be empty on that day!) I'm keeping it on my desk right next to the computer, so I am sure to see it on a regular basis.

The two little marbles already in the jar are for yesterday & today. There are thirty-three on the tray. But I am determined to get them moved to the jar. And hopefully by that time, I can start a NEW jar with a few extra marbles in the bottom! Slowly but surely I'll get there - one day at a time.

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