Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Update

Just one quick update. The wedding was positively beautiful. Princess & I have been enjoying ourselves since 3am, hat-watching, Prince-watching, and snuggling up together being princesses. And look! Our nighttime photos turned out for once!

I let the princess frost these. She was so excited to be able to wield the frosting, and I love how every single cupcake (there's another 22 in the fridge right now) turned out different.

A quick foodie-pic; our little snack platter & berry-bowl, filled & ready to be nibbled away.

And just one photo, of the two of us curled up together. My husband snapped this photo as Princess Catherine was making her way down the long red carpet. It was truly a wedding to remember, and somehow I doubt either of us will ever forget our special little night.

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