Monday, January 14, 2013

Accountability Mondays - Mixed Blessings

*sigh*This is the post I did NOT want to make. But... here it is.

After an entire week of working HARD... I lost a whopping .2 pounds this week. No change, and no more marbles in my "lost" jar. 
Yep, still one lonely little marble in the bottom of my jar. Teasing me, sticking it's tongue out at me, and saying "I told you so!"

Now let me tell you what I DID accomplish this week! 

1. I exercised my butt off on five days.

2. I managed to swim 20 laps at-speed... (followed by 45 minutes of chasing the kids around) and set myself a goal of working up to 35 laps, which will be a half-mile.

3. I went through the exercise room with a trainer, and found TWELVE machines that I CAN do - arthritis & all. This is a MAJOR issue for me, since there are days (weeks) in the winter when I feel as if there's nothing at all I can do. Even on those days - now I know I can get into the pool & swim laps. 

4. I learned that I have some serious muscle-memory working in my favor. Stepping up to machines I haven't touched in 19 years, I am lifting about 80% of what I used to lift - in high school, pre-children!

So yeah, there's still one lonely marble in that jar. And yes, it's beyond frustrating. Yes, I wanted to kick the scale and harrumph around the house. But with everything I've learned I can do over the past week... all I can manage to do, is pack up the bag to head out the door again this evening.

I will do this. I WILL lose 111 pounds in 2 years. I WILL be skinny again, and I WILL beat those horrid little marbles balls into submission! 

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Anne said...

You have accomplished a lot this week! Ignore that silly marble that is taunting you. You can do it!