Monday, January 7, 2013

Accountability Mondays - Humble Beginnings

As an effort to keep myself honest while beginning my billionth weight-loss journey, I will be blogging about my struggles & successes on each Monday.

After years of trying to find a health club that we could afford, we finally looked "outside the box" and found a place with an indoor pool that we can swim laps in. Yesterday was our first day, and my ribcage is definitely telling me that an hour of being chased across the pool by the kids ought to help the pounds drop off.

Our plan is to visit the pool five times each week. Because our schedule varies from week to week we can't commit to "every Monday" or anything nearly so structured, so five times each week will have to suffice. The boys will be going through orientation to use the exercise room this afternoon, and tomorrow it will be the girls' turn. 

For a visual reminder of my progress, here is where I'm at right now: 
The marbles in the right-hand jar represent how many pounds I need to lose. And the lonely little marble on the left... yep, that's my weight-loss so far this year. Heh... time to find him a few friends, don'cha think?

Since I know from experience that my downfall seems to be persistence - what are YOUR tricks for keeping up an exercise routine after the first few "kickstart" pounds are a distant memory?

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Gwen said...

I need to find a way to respond via my iPad because I did earlier and it went into the great vastness of the internet.

I have no advice because up until now I've never really "needed" to lose weight. Now I'm to the point where I need to and have no persistence to a task. My biggest problem is eating - or not eating that is. I skip meals a lot and that is not good.