Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The sad, sad state of modern Christianity.

My husband and I play a little game during the week. It's called "Who can find the oddest news story." We start on Monday, and email each other the most unique news story we can find until Friday. No "points" are ever rewarded since it's all in fun, but today I think I won for "Most Frightening Excuse for Religion."

According to THIS news story, a church in Ohio is offering drive-by blessings for Ash Wednesday today... for those parishioners who may be too busy to attend a traditional service commemorating the beginning of Lent.

Christians. Too busy for God.

And the church is HELPING this trend?!? Wow.

Yet so many people seem to wonder why we live in a time when Christianity is seen as a joke... something to be avoided & ridiculed. You just don't need to dig too deep for an excuse to avoid church, when things like this are making the news. Lent: a 40-day time of preparation before celebrating the most holy day in the Christian calendar, is now being given the same respect as a fast-food lunch.

If we who call ourselves Christians cannot make the time to set foot within the church, how are we ever to expect others to do the same? How can we expect others to take GOD seriously? I mean, what's next? Pastors standing on the street-corner with squirt-guns "baptizing" people as they go by in the slow-lane?

God is NOT something we should be trying to "squeeze in" on the drive home from work. I am truly ashamed, that people who call themselves Christians seem to think that this is all the more respect that our Heavenly Father deserves. My most humble apologies go out to my non-Christian friends for the terrible example of my faith, that this reflects.

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Gwen said...

Makes you sick, doesn't it? When church runs long on Sunday morning, it's often hard not to get antsy. But, I have to remind myself we have many hours during the week where we can do whatever we want. A few more moments among Christians isn't going to hurt me.

Drive by? That's beyond words.