Monday, January 30, 2012

My Partner

I've just gotta say, I LOVE my husband.

Seriously he is a true inspiration. As I'm struggling to get back into a size 16, his itty bitty waist has slowly crept from a size 30 to a size 31... and rather than just accept it as part of "nearing 40" he's fighting back.
See the green pebbles? Yep, I've got an exercise partner! The green pebbles are his! I suppose I could be upset by the fact that while I've got to lose just over 100 pounds, he needs to lose a measly TEN. But his attitude is so infectious that I can't help but cheer him on - just as he cheers me on.

I LOVE working out with him. We play Just Dance II and III together - and we're evenly matched enough, (he can mimic the moves better, but I've got better rhythm) that we each end up fighting just that little bit extra to keep from getting the lower score. There's just nothing like turning to him after an exceptionally hardworking half-hour and seeing that he's panting just as hard as I am.

This is one of today's score... and I KNOW that if I had been dancing alone I'd have never topped 10,000 points. He seriously brings out the best in me - not just in dancing, but in everything.

Love you Meep! And while you may get to your goal-weight faster than me... I still have more pebbles in the jar than you!

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Gwen said...

I'm glad you have a workout partner! I really want to look into getting Just Dance. Maybe I could convince G-Dub to do it with me. LOL Probably not, but maybe.

And I need to try the marble idea. Maybe that would motivate me more.