Saturday, June 11, 2011

Halfway to Christmas - are you ready?

Every year I begin my Christmas crafting in June. Because I like to make most of our gifts, this gives me the time to spread things (and finances) out a bit and allows me to be creative rather than feeling rushed. Starting in June also gives me the entire summer to craft, when school lessons ease up giving me more time to devote to my projects. This year is no different. I already have a few goodies completed, and have a LONG list of to-do projects to keep me busy.

Because I recently shared my blog-site with my mother, I can't share most of the goodies in my basket right now but I CAN share this one. I took the photo inside a CD case so you could see the scale - this is just small enough to cause my eyes to cross if I work at it for too long. I have NO idea how I'll ever progress to crocheting with thread!

I am working on getting my crochet-stitches even, and decided a quick but pretty way to practice would be by making a simple chain-garland for our Christmas tree. For anyone who crochets, there's no pattern necessary. Each chain is 20 chains worked into a loop, with a single crochet in each chain. I'm also working on weaving the ends in to my satisfaction. The good news is that by the time I have a chain long enough to wind around my tree, I have a feeling my stitches should be MORE than even enough to make me happy. The not-so-good news is that it may very well take me 'til nearly Christmas to finish this!


Gwen said...

My grandmother tried to teach me to crochet, but I never got it. Now that she has been gone from us for twelve years, I wish I'd paid more attention.

I like your chain!

I can't even begin to think about Christmas at this point in time. Ask me in November and I might be thinking about it.

homeschoolmama said...

Thanks Gwen!

You just might have a few other concerns right now - and November will come soon enough.

My great-grandmother crocheted EVERYTHING. She's my inspiration - I'd like to recreate a few things I remember from her apartment. Mom tells me that her mom crocheted as well, but she died before I was born so all I have is stories.