Monday, December 13, 2010

my little hutch

I just finished repainting my little hutch for the third time in ten years, and spent the time reminiscing its many uses over my lifetime.

This little hutch started life as a pile of packing crates. My dad built it for me while I was still in diapers, as a place to store toys & books. Over the years it has held everything from diaper pins & lanolin, to crystal trinkets. When I learned that my second child would be a daughter, I "rescued" the hutch from my parents basement where it had been holding board games & puzzles, and repainted it to serve in her nursery just as it had in mine. In turquoise & white, and laden with bunny-rabbits it was the prettiest thing in the nursery... until our daughter came home.

When she was about five, she asked if she could have a larger bookshelf, and the little hutch moved into our pantry to hold canned goods. It also stood in our dining room for a year or two, full of school books & art/science supplies. And for the past year, it has been back in my bedroom holding my books & fabric stash.

Now, with yet another fresh coat of paint, it's ready for service again in my dining room. The bottom will still hold my fabric as our dining table is the only surface large enough to sew on, but I haven't decided what to do with the top half. Should it hold family memorabilia? Seasonal displays? My favorite china pieces? Gardening books?

For now, I have placed my few pieces of Snowman china on it - just to keep it from looking lonely until I decide for sure how best to use it. But regardless of what I decide, I know it will be perfect... as it has my entire life.

Not bad for a pile of packing crates, huh?

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