Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Jobs & New Gardens

DH was offered a new position at his primary job, and is now working in a new department. The job came with a 12% raise which means that he was able to cut his second job's hours by one shift per week. For the first time since we were married he's working less than 70 hours!!! And it is SO nice to actually SEE him on weekends now! He is happier too. He had been hesitant to try for a new position - having worked in one type of security or another for the past 10 years. But I pushed him just a bit, and he applied... and was accepted almost immediately. He sent me an email a week ago that expressed his feelings about the change better than I ever could. He said:

I was just thinking that I haven't really told you what I've got down here for scenery so as it is a slow morning I am going to brag now. The scenery is a vast improvement over my last position where we are lock in with no windows and I usually ate at my desk (and even if I used the cafeteria it was overrun and looked out over the parking lot).

From the window right by my cube (I am on the third floor facing southwest) I can see out over a forested hillside with houses poking up thru it here and there and I can see along the river to the bridge over ***** Island. From the cafeteria (where I now get to eat) I can watch the barges go up and down the river as I look across the river to the cliffs and watch all the birds nesting there.

Thanks again for encouraging me to try the new job, I realized this morning how much happier I am when I left about 15 min earlier than I had been. First of all I never left early for work before. Also, for some reason, having left 15 min early I got here nearly 45 min earlier. The morning drive had been taking just over 45 min, give or take a bit, whereas this morning it took just under 30 min. When I realized I was going to be here substantially earlier I first began thinking about what I had to work on, then realized I wasn't dreading it or considering sitting in the parking lot for half an hour because that would be better than coming in.

It is so nice, to see him SMILING when he leaves for work again!

The kids and I are starting a vegetable garden on our deck this morning. We will be planting peppers, tomatoes, (miniature) pumpkins, carrots, cilantro, chives, mint, basil, garlic... and possibly a few leaf-lettuces. It's a small deck - 6 by 12 foot. But the kids are SO proud of it! They've been rearranging the empty pots for weeks now, and helping me research which veggies should go in what pots. We picked up potting soil & a soaker hose last night, and they didn't even want to get to sleep last night before opening the bag to feel the soil, and making sure the seedlings we have were watered well.
I've never been a gardener, much to my mother's chagrin. But somehow with two green-thumbs begging to plant things, I'm finding that it's quite contagious. I'm actually looking FORWARD to getting dirty this afternoon. Today we start the planting. Dirty fingers and overstuffed smiles, here we come!

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